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Here at RS Treatments, we are one of the leading manufacturers of wet, dry and shot blasting cabinets in the United Kingdom. The primary finishing technologies that we provide include surface preparation and treatment technology with high-quality shot blasting machinery.


We pride ourselves on working with many businesses from all around the world. As an international surface treatment technology manufacturer and dealer in the UK, we provide high-quality dry and wet blast cabinets in a variety of different models.


You can now choose from the three different sized models of dry blast cabinets, five sizes of cyclone system machines and six wet blast machine models. For your custom needs, we can also design and develop state-of-art machinery that meets and exceeds your expectations.


With over 30 years of combined experience in fabrication and design, our team of experts strives to work to the highest standards, providing quality workmanship and warranty on every type of machinery. We simply believe that our customers deserve the very best and are motivated to provide you such in the form of the best wet, dry and shot blasting machines for surface treatment.


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With many excellent reviews from customers worldwide, our R-range and S-range blasting cabinets are designed to give you years of reliability, comfort and satisfaction.

If you have any questions regarding our work or want to know more about our manufacturing process, don’t hesitate to contact us today by visiting this page.

We are here to provide the final touch by helping you finish the surface in a unique way, benefiting your product’s visual and functional requirements. The result is a surface treatment technology that results in

  • The highest Quality Dry and Wet Blast cabinets
  • Tailored bespoke machinery designed for your needs
  • Dip tanks
  • Parts, services and repairs
  • Continuous support
  • A customer service that is second to none
Dry blasting is a process where small spherical or angular particles are propelled at a part using compressed air. The key to this process is that the finish is produced by a force of impact, unlike wet blasting where it is through flow of water. Dry blast cabinets use compressed air that propels blast abrasive directly towards the components through the blast nozzle of a gun.
Wet blasting is very similar to dry blasting, but with the use of an abrasive media propelled by compressed liquid. The process is used to achieve a desired finish on a chosen surface through using liquid as the main element in order to enhance the levels of surface finish that can be achieved.
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Explore Our Range Of Dry Blast Cabinets

Our dry blast cabinets in the UK are available in a range of three different models – the Challenger, Challenger II and the Conqueror. Each of these models is unique on its own and caters to different needs.

However, aside from the standard sizes, we also do custom design on dry blast cabinets in the UK and can produce a machine that will suit your specific needs.

Explore Our RS Cyclone Systems And Dry Blasting Machines

If you are looking for the best cyclone systems and dry blasting machines in the UK, you have landed on the right page. Our machinery is available in a range of five different models – the Challenger II Cyclone, the Conqueror 1500 Cyclone, the Conqueror 2000 Cyclone, the Conqueror 2500 Cyclone and the Conqueror 3000 Cyclone.

Aside from their standard sizes and features, we can also design a custom dry blasting machine for you or a cyclone system based on your personal specifications.

Explore Our Wet Blasting Machines

RS Treatments is an exclusive UK supplier of wet blasting machines in a range that includes six different models, starting from the entry-level S range machines Triton 750S and Barracuda 1100S – to our top of the range R machines Triton 900R, Barracuda 1100R, Barracuda 1250R and the Trident 1500R.  

Our entire range of wet blast machines suits different needs, but can also be retweaked and redesigned to suit your exact size and performance requirements.

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“We required an even finish on our components prior to Anodising and sent a number of samples to be blasted at RS Treatments – These samples were processed under a number of different conditions and times. The processed parts together with a detailed analysis gave us the confidence to purchase a machine. From order placement, to delivery and commissioning, everything was handled professionally – We are very happy with our Wet Blast Machine” Andy Newman

Workshop Manager, AB Dynamics Ltd

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